Catana 47’s strengths

Take separately, a catamaran’s strengths are already fairly convincing. But when you consider their impact on safety for the crew and boat, they become unbeatable. Comfort is therefore not a means to an end, but gives the crew the strength and stamina they need in order to avoid endangering themselves and others. The same applies to the boat’s sailing speed.


CATANAs are unsinkable. In an emergency at sea, you should only use the life raft when your boat is no longer able to remain afloat. The fact that CATANAs are unsinkable therefore eliminates most of the risk of having to switch to a life raft. Unlike monohulls, they don’t have a keel that can drag the vessel to the bottom in the event of an emergency.

No rolling

Rolling refers to the movement of a ship along its vertical axis. This is considered to be a key cause of seasickness. By contrast to monohulls, catamarans cannot roll. They move with the waves, of course, but they do not develop their own dynamic that amplifies the rolling.
The impact of rolling.

This property can also be seen as comfort. One thing is for sure, however: the fewer seasick people on board, the safer the voyage.

 Another factor is the fact that boat doesn’t go off course and can be steered reliably even on high waves.

Virtually no draught

Cat man do can reduce its draught to 1.1 m. This opens up many of the most beautiful regions that would be out of reach for a monohull of comparable size.